Connecting Sources

This document provides the information needed to connect a source to QueryBoost.


Sources represent the SaaS API services that you want to query through QueryBoost. QueryBoost provides two methods to connect to a source:


QueryBoost will store and use an OAuth token to call the api on your behalf. Sources that offer OAuth authentication use this method.


QueryBoost will encrypt the API Key and save the encrypted value. When you execute a query, QueryBoost will decrypt the key and use it to call the API.

To use QueryBoost you need to have connected at least one source.

Connect a source

Go to the Sources page to see available sources.

For OAuth Sources:

  1. Click on "Connect Via OAuth"

  2. QueryBoost sends you to the source's website

  3. Authorize QueryBoost to access the source

  4. The source creates tokens for QueryBoost to use and returns you to QueryBoost

For API Sources:

  1. Enter your API Key for the source in the input box

  2. Click Save

  3. QueryBoost encrypts the key and saves it to AWS Secure Secrets Manager

You can find your connected sources on the sources page

Once a source is connected, you are able to write queries to retrieve data.