Getting Started

This document provides the basic knowledge needed to start using QueryBoost. It is intended for developers who are new to QueryBoost.


QueryBoost provides a unified GraphQL API to access your data and help you quickly build integrations with 3rd Party API's.

To use QueryBoost you need to:

  • Connect QueryBoost to an API Source

  • Write a Query to retrieve your data from the source

  • Execute the Query


Sources represent the SaaS API services that you want to query through QueryBoost. QueryBoost provides two methods to connect to a source:


QueryBoost will store and use an OAuth token to call the api on your behalf. Sources that offer OAuth authentication use this method.


QueryBoost will encrypt the API Key and save the encrypted value. When you execute a query, QueryBoost will decrypt the key and use it to call the API.

To use QueryBoost you need to have connected at least one source.

Go to the Sources page to see available sources.

See Connecting Sources for detailed steps on connecting a source to QueryBoost.

Write a Query

Queries in QueryBoost use regular GraphQL syntax. The following is a live example of a query. Try editing it.


To execute a query you will need to send the request to with your API Key in the Authorization header.

See Writing Queries for more information.

Mock data

When you use your Test API Key, QueryBoost will not call the Source's API. Instead, QueryBoost returns Mocked Data. This is most useful when developing queries.

See Mock Data for more information on how QueryBoost handles mock data.