Mock Data

QueryBoost provides mock data for any queries executed using your Test API key on the endpoint. This is a useful method for developing queries and business logic without needing to connect to the underlying source.

Basic Mock Data

At a minimum QueryBoost will return the correct data type for the field.

  • Strings will return Hello World

  • Booleans will return true or false

  • Floats and Integers will return a random value

  • Enums will return a random valid enum value

  • Queries that return an Array will return an Array of 2 values

  • ID's will return an random UUID

Enhanced Mock Data

Where possible, QueryBoost returns Enhanced Mock data. This is data that more closely resembles the actual source data.

Enhanced Mock Data will return:

  • Positive value for numbers that must be > 0

  • Negative value for numbers that must be < 0

  • Future / past dates where expected

  • ID's which conform to the source's format

  • Phrases / paragraphs for strings where longer strings are expected

  • Queries that return an array will an array of random length between 5 and 20

QueryBoost also uses the FakerJS Library to return correctly formed data for:

  • URLs

  • Emails

  • Names

  • Addresses

  • Phone numbers

  • Currency codes

  • Country codes

Caveats for Mocked Data

  • QueryBoost always returns a value for each field. It will not return null values even if the field is nullable.

  • Logical values are not guaranteed. For example in the following query:


Period Start and Period End will always correctly return timestamps. But, there is no guarantee that Period Start will be before Period End.

QueryBoost always returns valid types for mock data, even when Enhanced Mocks are not available.